As South African artist and instigator, previously working under the moniker of ‘skullboy’ between 2006 and 2017, Louis de Villiers currently lives and works in New York city.

He is represented by Kalashnikovv Gallery in Johannesburg, South Africa.

We Ouchea
Kalashnikovv Gallery,

Created for de Villiers’ second solo exhibition at Kalashnikovv Gallery, WE OUCHEA is an exploration in how brands, style and learned cues create some sort of ‘hieroglyphics’ in the modern times. These works explore how cultural code nods at certain affiliations and paints a perceived picture of an individual’s character, preference and philosophy in the viewer’s mind.

Cape Town, Johannesburg 

A short series of cyphers about the release of the iPhone X

May Flowers Grow In The Beds Of Your Sins

50ty50ty Prints,
Cape Town
50ty/50ty is an online collection of limited edition screen prints, created in collaboration with local artists, illustrators and designers. Representing the best of both established and emerging talent, each work is hand printed on archival paper and available for purchase exclusively on their platform.
de Villiers created this edition of 50 prints in their studio during his trip over October, 2018. 

Prints are available on the 50ty50ty webstore.

The Preoccupied Lives Of Islands

Kalashnikovv Gallery,

By creating an isolated jungle utopia, de Villiers illustratea how online life can and does separate us from one another. Despite the subjects lush surroundings, they are still engrossed by an online existence – as they delve further into their devices, they become less interested in the community surrounding them and more so in the conceptual community of the Globe.

Ongoing Series

An ongoing series of ‘verses’and cyphers.

Crash The Banquet

Superchief Gallery,

Acting in his full capacity as a heterosexual, white, immigrant Male, de Villiers appropriates and gentrifies a 100-year-old insitution.

You & Me

The Kwazulu Natal Society of the Arts (National Gallery),

*TOP TEN FINALIST: ABSA L’Atelier Art Prize 2013
*Also on view at Design Indaba Emerging Creatives 2013

Between June and December 2011, skullboy collected the stories of anonymous participants’ sexual debuts - the circumstances, scenarios, emotions, celebrations and tragedies of how they came to lose their virginity’s. This was done via small forms left with drop boxes in clubs and bathroom stalls, focussing on the +- 16 to 35 alternative crowd who would most likely frequent the clubs surveyed. ‘You&Me’ is a revised collection of 100 stories from anonymous participants about their ‘first times’. From the 300+ collected accounts, 100 have been chosen and rendered as 100 small artworks.

The Lost Supper

Toffie Pop Festival,
Cape Town
*TOP 100 ARTWORKS EXHIBITION: ABSA L’Atelier Art Prize 2013

In 2012, I was invited to take part in a Food Table exhibition as part of the now defunct, Toffie Pop Culture Festival. This artwork was displayed on a metal trestle table and was accompanied by a 5l ‘Papsak’ of Tassenberg red wine and sliced white bread (entitled, ‘Bergie Communion’)

The Inevitable Rise and Liberation of Nkandla

Durban Art Gallery, City Hall

Artwork created for Looking FORward: Our Lives In 2034 group show. This artwork speculated a future wherein Nkandla seceded to form it’s own ‘Pilot State’ - one that lived independently of South Africa but still lived off it’s resources. Less a ‘pilot’, more a ‘parasite’.